Faith Healer

“In an astonishing performance, actress Katherine Lyons makes it clear just how close to the precipice Grace is.”
- City Paper

"Faith Healer" voted #1 "Top Ten of 2006"

"… Lyons spits out this woman's words when she relives her anger at her father. Afterward, when she says 'faith healer,' she draws the words out like a long, low moan."
-The Baltimore Sun

A View From the Bridge

“...As Eddie's all too aware wife, Beatrice, Katherine Lyons gives a standout performance, as beautifully nuanced in voice as in gesture. And she's genuinely affecting at those terrible points in the play when the truth must be laid out coldly on the modestly covered table in the Carbone living room.”

-The Baltimore Sun

Sea Marks

“Thrilling...Horwitz and Lyons are such skilled actors there’s nothing held back.”
-City Paper

“Sea Marks”

The Jewish Wife

"Katherine Lyons astonishes in the intimate setting."
-City Paper

“The Jewish Wife”

"A powerful and engaging experience."
-Donald Hicken
Department Head of Theatre
Baltimore School for the Arts

The Money Tree view video

“The Money Tree”
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"Any year-end review should take note of some of the year's memorable performances…for providing some glorious, indelible moments: Robin Williams in "Hook" and Katherine (Schutzman) Lyons in "The Money Tree."
-San Francisco Chronicle

"A couple of terrific scenes, in fact, probably could not have been improved upon with pages of script, particularly Dienstag's barroom discussion of love with Katherine (Schutzman) Lyons."

"Katherine (Schutzman) Lyons is sensational."
-San Jose Mercury News


"An absolutely terrific Lady Macbeth. In Katherine Lyons, Performance Workshop has as perfect a Lady Macbeth as we're likely to see… a real human being forcing herself to do inhuman things…she understands this woman, and gets into her skin…without copying any known performances, she gets it all."
-The Baltimore Chronicle

Three Sisters

"In a remarkable performance as Olga, Lyons plays the sister who is most passionate, and most isolated of the three."
-City Paper

"Lyons has a striking dignity."
-Towson Times

A Macbeth 1

Dancing At Lughnasa

"Katherine Lyons is Agnes, whose tension and silent anguish are mesmerizing."
-Baltimore Chronicle

Crimes of the Heart

"Leading the way is Katherine Lyons, who, as Lenny, manages her high-wire act of emotional distress with gusto, swinging from self-pity to joy to sorrow in a matter of minutes."
-Capital Entertainment

The Dinner Party

"Lyons is outstanding as vicious, driven Gabrielle."
-City Paper

Rashoman Variations

"The performance of Katherine Lyons as the Wife (is) strong, impressive."
-San Francisco Chronicle

“Rashoman Variations” Deborah Slater Dance Theatre, San Francisco