The Immigrant's Trunk

Program description
A dramatic Living History performance

"In 1913, when I was only seventeen years old, I left my home, my family, everything I knew to come to a new land, a land of golden opportunity, a land I had never seen before where they would not speak my language. Can you imagine such a change in your life?"

So begins Ida Rehr, a Jewish immigrant who came to Baltimore from the Ukraine in the early twentieth century. In this exciting, interactive, first person account, discover how Ida escaped from the pogroms, learn about her early life in Russia, and the difficulties of her journey to America. Hear about her work in a garment factory, her dream of citizenship, and how she created a new life here in Maryland. Using family photographs and personal objects from her trunk, Ida, played by Katherine Lyons, takes us from the Old World to the New World and shows us that by learning about where we've come from, we can understand who we are today.

(50 minutes; 3rd grade-adult)

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